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Managed Outsourced Service Offering

A tlantis Technologies Solutions help your company in different projects and are available in many areas of interest following our view of development phases.

Atlantis Technologies Services

Our Outsourced Services

Legacy Systems
InV ision™ Application Inventory

R ecover™ Application Mining - Reverse Engineering - Re-Documentation

V alueIT™ Quality Assurance - Software/System Complexity Assessment and Analysis

R evolve™ System Modernization - Migration

W ay™ Web-enablement - Migration to Web Services Architecture

Application Development
B uild™ Application Development Outsourcing

Application Management
M aintain™ Application Management Outsourcing

Software Testing
T est™ Software Testing Outsourcing

S hareIT™ Workshops on SW Migration and Quality

A tlantis Technologies Solutions recognizes the need for companies to reduce their IT resource costs as they continue to build new applications and support the current systems they have in place. IT projects can be very labor intensive, requiring many man hours to produce quality software solutions. A Company’s internal legacy systems may also be very difficult to support and maintain on an ongoing basis, making it difficult to divert internal resources to new development projects. This usually places the company in a stranglehold position, where they are unable to make forward moving progress to remain competitive in the marketplace.

A tlantis Technologies Solutions offers flexible and tailor-made outsourced development & support to help companies achieve more with less, while still assuring that the same degree of progress, results and quality are attained.

A tlantis Technologies Solutions adds real value to the process of moving operations offshore by ensuring that the risks associated with outsourced development are mitigated up-front, and that the process of outsourcing work is as seamless as possible to an organization. Atlantis Technologies Solutions has a well established means of communication ways between the client and the development team, and have time tested processes in place for managing work from remote locations.

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