Revolutive IT™

What we do

A tlantis Technologies is active in two areas:

  1. We help organizations cope with "Legacy Systems," by providing added-value services in order to improve quality in the development and maintenance process.
  2. We also offer the possibility to profit of our Centers of Excellence for developing new systems, maintaining existing systems and testing entire applications at the lowest cost on the market and with the degree of expertise that our clients want.

    We do our best to help you reach your strategic objectives such as:

    Reduce overall costs
    Reduce overall risks
    Reduce time to market
    Improve Quality
    Respond rapidly to every business change
    Improve business processes
    Reuse existing software assets

    We do it by going inside your legacy systems, understanding their complex structure, extracting, valuable parts, transforming these parts into manageable and reusable units, by reducing the overall complexity and migrating the reusable parts into new technological environment.
    We also help you build a long term Generic Quality Process in the application development lifecycle.

    Our strategy is to work closely with the leading Software and Services companies but also with Universities and Reseach centrum and Customers to provide our customers the most valuable services.

    Our services are organized in such a way that they can fit within every development or maintenance process, in order to deliver the highest results for our customers.
    We continually improve them and add as much flexibility to best fill customer's needs.

    Our solutions are the most efficient, flexible, quality-based and cheaper of the market, due to our fully innovative and customer-driven approach. Discover them and compare them to the solutions provided you by our competitors.

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