Revolutive IT™




Key Reasons & Benefits:

Reduction of the HW and SW Total Cost of Ownership
Measure the Software's Quality and improve when necessary
Development, Testing and Maintenance costs can be cut by 75%
No need for external staff (=> no additional PC, SW licences, rooms, access cards and other material)
Immediate result (for automated processes)
Proven low-risk technology and 99+% automated
Avoid long-term commitments
No extra-budgets
Software's maintainability and operational performance improvement

Quality Assurance - Software/System Complexity Assessment and Analysis

A preliminary transformation of the source code into the target "To Be" Intermediate Object Model (IOM) is performed to determine what modifications are to be made to the transformation process to achieve a highly automated transformation into the target language. The effort includes adding coverage for transforming dialect features, embedded sub-languages and developing mappings between legacy and target environment operating system utilities.

The properties of the target system can be assessed including: (1) identification of the percentage of redundant and re-usable code; (2) comparison of current and predicted code properties; and (3) predicting potential code and data size reductions possible in the re-factoring process, (4) measurement of the amount of decoupling, and degree of cohesion and coherence of the resultant code. Finally, the assessment is used to predict the technical benefits that will be achieved.

An optional step in the assessment process involves performing Domain Analysis on the system. Domain Analysis is a process that systematically creates a common framework for describing code and design patterns among program elements and situations. The framework has two tightly related dimensions of analysis that address both the classification of identifiers (structure) as well as the analysis of situations and code patterns. Domain analysis is useful for identifying, recognizing and classifying components that are destined to become web-services, identifying data or functionality that is redundant or unnecessary and will be merged, replaced, or discontinued in the web-enabled system.

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