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Key Reasons & Benefits:

Application Reverse Engineering

Understanding the existing code by Cross-References

Preparing Software Technical Documents

Reducing Author Dependency

Avoiding Risk due to midway resignations

Software Upgrade and Modernization planning

Time and Cost Estimation

Reducing Cost & Cycle Time of Development

Project Progress & Productivity Analysis

Software Version Control & Release Management

Quantitative Test Coverage Analysis

Platform Migration planning

Web Enabling Client/Server & Legacy Applications

Knowledge Management & Transfer

Database Consolidation

Create long-term life cycle support mechanism

Unify Applications and Databases as a result of M&A

Application Mining - Reverse Engineering - Re-Documentation

S ource code of thousands of business applications that support the business functions of organizations are in an orphaned state. This problem is further compounded when the engineers leave the development team. Application Mining brings out the inner secrets of application program logic, algorithms, entity relationships, database structures, class structures/ hierarchies and process flow charts. It enables the IT asset managers to quickly leverage on the existing code to maintain/upgrade applications to keep pace with business dynamics. These applications embody the business knowledge, process and rules, more importantly they serve as the starting point to improve the business process. It is also useful when replacing an existing application by an ERP. Read why replacing an application by an ERP often fails...

Application analysis and enhancements effort are by no mean trivial. Clearly, in the current climate, analyzing and documenting code manually will be not only unwieldy, but also too time consuming, inefficient and expensive in terms of resources. Companies that do embark on an enhancement or extension effort should investigate technologies that will help automate the effort by documenting and analyzing applications, extracting critical business logic and potentially generating wrappers for these extracted components.

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