Revolutive IT™


Benefits with Atlantis Technologies's services

Immediate result

The pay-back vary from 6 months to 2 years

Risk-free (for automated processes)

Tangible benefits (financial, time, risks)

Soft Benefits

Recommendations for successful outsourcing

McKinsey, June 2003: 51 percent of software execs: "Offshoring strategy is already underway"; 20 percent more will begin Offshoring software development in the next 12 months. 76 percent are focusing on India; the second-place destination is Eastern Europe.

Gartner estimate: by the endo of 2004, 1 in 10 IT jobs at US IT companies and 1 in 20 at non-IT companies will move offshore

Forrester: Offshore outsourcing as a percent of IT budgets went from 12 percent in 2000 to 28 percent in 2003.


Why use Atlantis Technologies Services

B y choosing Atlantis Technologies as partner, you will be sure to get the most of your investments. It's all about better leverage past IT investment, build the future on your past assets, reducing overall costs and adding quality in your software.

Our proven methodologies help reduce cycle time and speed-up operations.

Our solutions improve and optimize every step in the application process for mainframe, distributed and web platforms.

The ROI of your past investments and present investments in our solutions has never been so high.

You will never pay for tools licences usage, tools installation, run-time usage or whatever usually charged by competitors.

E-business begins with your legacy applications. Let us web-enable your old programs for only the cost and with the speed of building a GUI application in a traditional way.

EAI will not be only a dream. CBD, the critical step in EAI is made simple.

We help you extract the knowledge of your company contained in the programs in the form of business rules and we encapsulate them in reusable components for future reuse in new applications.

We help you create a transition plan to a target environment and bring old thinks to live again without disrupting your business nor interferring in the development and maintenance teams.

We not only transform and migrate your legacy applications into target environments, we also lower your costs for maintaining and enhancing your existing applications with the use of the most competent people, powefull solutions and tools on the market.

Tangible benefits

Lower costs
Better leverage past IT investments (for automated processes)
Fixed Price Projects (for automation processes)
Reduction of the HW and SW Total Cost of Ownership
Development, Testing and Maintenance costs can be cut by 75%
No need for external staff (=> no additional PC, SW licences, rooms, access cards and other material)

Immediate result (for automated processes)
Speed up projects by distributing teams globally

We can dramatically compress your project schedule
Our ability to compress your project schedule minimizes operational disruptions
Proven low-risk technology (transformed code 100% functionally equivalent to the source code functionality) and 99+% automated
Avoid long-term commitments
Closer cultural fit vs. China/India, etc.
Time zone differences
No extra-budgets
We can improve your software's maintainability and software operational performance
Timely High-Capacity Production-Ready Service Providing Code that is Compiler-ready, Testable, Documented
Uniformity of translated code (for automated processes)
The result is known in advance since the starting point is an existing system (for automated processes)
Revelation of business rules (for automated processes)
Incremental development
You will have the flexibility to tailor your system's architecture and functionality


Soft benefits

Better use of existing staff
Increased motivation of staff
Perception of safety and trust
Access to modern support applications
You can set and keep the focus on your core business



  1. Find a trustworthy partner
  2. Do not expect 5x lower cost unless you can accept soaring risks
  3. Reasonable savings 25-50% - while keeping level of risk and quality the same as local
  4. Start with a pilot project
  5. Define your requirements well
  6. Local interface is key
  7. Build system in multiple small releases
  8. Prototyping
  9. Strong project management and communication procedures are key
  10. Consider Atlantis Technologies's developers for technologically complicated projects


Our services are the most efficient, flexible, quality-based and cheaper of the market, due to our fully innovative solutions and customer-driven approach. Discover them and compare them to the solutions provided you by our competitors.

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