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The evolution of competitive advantage - Atlantis Technologies's position


M any companies differentiate themselves on price. Using price as the only differentiator is a sure way to lead to what Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison refer to as a "no profit zone."
The end result from this fierce competition on price is the emergence of a consumer's acceptable price zone - a small range in the price of an item that allows room for differentiation on other fronts. If the price is within the consumer's price zone (and this differs for each consumer), the decision to purchase will be based on other features.


R ight behind price is quality. During the 70s and 80s, many companies differentiated themselves on quality. Companies were proud of J.D. Powers ratings and Malcom Baldridge awards. The net result was an increase in quality standards throughout most industries. Today, quality is the cost of entry into the marketplace. Because of high quality standards, it is now extremely difficult to differentiate based on quality. Today, a marked improvement in quality usually requires a disproportionate increase in cost.

Customer Service

A fter price and quality, companies moved on to customer service. The process reengineering fad of the early 90s has brought us to the point where everyone is customer focused and the public is constantly barraged with customer satisfaction forms. The result is that customer service is now a differentiator only for companies offering high-end products and services. Differentiating on service drives the product out of the consumer's price zone.

Real-Time Performance

T he next battlefield of competition is "real-time" performance - the ability to address any need the customer may have immediately, at all times. Whether through a sales associate, call center or Web site, companies must be able to respond to customers in a matter of seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anything less will soon be unacceptable to the consumer.


T he future of competitive advantage lies in individualization - the ability to customize products, services, information and entertainment for the individual consumer. Individualization creates value for the consumer and enables vendors to effectively anticipate his or her wants, needs and expectations.

Where does Atlantis Technologies fit in?

T he objective of Atlantis Technologies is to integrate all thoose points - without limits - in his Service Offering.

   Our prices are the lowest on the market.
   Our services are based on effective and prooven methodologies and are preformed by specialized people using specialized softwares. All that means quality.
   We work closely with our customers for the day to day improvement of our customer service in order to be ahead of competition and above customer expectation.
   We offer real-time performance by avoiding to the maximum time constraints and rigid plannings; this is what we call true flexibility.
   Our customers are unique, every customer has his/her own requirements and as such we improve our Service Offering by integrating this important value which is individualization; the result is our unique ability to provide them with unique and tailormade solutions, unique for each customer.

Our solutions are the most efficient, flexible, quality-based and cheaper of the market, due to our fully innovative and customer-driven approach. Discover them and compare them to the solutions provided you by our competitors.

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