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Legacy Systems: The Pillars of Heaven...

I n many researches, it is pointed out that most IT organizations will spend time, resources and budgets to satisfy core IT systems applications development and maintenance requests and accomodate the Internet using newly developed systems, existing systems or a combination of the two.

In many cases, due to time and resource constraints, the best way to accomodate these efforts is through a renewal or extension of existing legacy assets. Rather than build new systems from the ground up that can accomodate new business processes, functionality and users, companies can take what they already have and enhance, reuse and extend it.

In the mainframe area, the maintenance activity is recognized since many years. In the distributed and Internet arena, yet, Web developers are now being tasked with revamping, stabilizing or re-engineering first-generation Web-based applications and Web sites to better suit the evolving Internet economy or to allow them to integrate with core IT systems. Although these applications are modern, they are sometimes more convoluted than their COBOL counterparts, are often undocumented and have been developed by legions of transient Web, VB, PB, HTML or Java developers. As such, maintenance, integration and new development is insufficient, if not impossible, and developers are often inclined to create brand new applications to provide enhanced functionality, rather than alter the existing systems.

In order to better understand and accept the need for Atlantis Technologies's proposed services, the following pictures show different view of what is done at customers side.

Current View

Traditional View

Our View

Atlantis Technologies View

The difference is not only a graphical one. Beyond the schemas are the differences between two approaches: the right and the wrong. At Atlantis Technologies we continually refine and adapt our services to reflect and support the right approach. This continuous exercise is required because the right approach today only reflects the nowadays paradigms and actual knowledge, on which are based existing technologies and methodologies. As such, the improvement and extension of such knowledge and description is still important. The early adoption of a rigorous approach or a paradigm shift in the right way represents a warranty to success.

Click here for a major description of the differences between the two approaches

Atlantis Technologies helps its customers in one or more of the following steps by providing powerfull and tailorable solutions:

  • Transform code to improve the quality of the application and reduce maintenance time, budget and efforts
  • Reverse engineer legacy systems and databases
  • Analyze systems to uncover critical business processes and interdependencies
  • Harvest mission-critical business logic so that it can be leveraged in new development efforts
  • Componentize and wrapper critical business logic for use in new application development
  • Migrating parts or an entire application to a new target environment or to the Web
  • Help succeeding EAI projects
  • Reduce the overall complexity of an entire or parts of an application
  • Software Testing
  • Document systems
  • Better understand legacy applications (application analysis and mining)
  • Helping your company in planning future efforts based on measured facts
  • Reduce costs, time and risks for maintenance and new application development

Our solutions are the most efficient, flexible, quality-based and cheaper of the market, due to our fully innovative and customer-driven approach. Discover them and compare them to the solutions provided you by our competitors.


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