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Legacy Migration and Component-Based Development: The right transition plan

A transition program to CBD is often coupled with an application migration of legacy systems towards new architectures, technologies, and approaches. While the transition program focuses on bringing the organization from one approach to development (possibly implicit and not well-documented) to another one (in our case the Component-Based Development approach), an application migration focuses on bringing the existing information system, or legacy system, to new architectures and technologies. The golden principle of any successful transition program is this:

Always apply the transition to a real-world development problem. The transition is never the final business objective; it is only a means to an end.

In other words, while a transition program aims at moving an organization from one set of development capabilities to another, it is completed only when the organization has not only acquired new capabilities, but has proved their use through successfully producing and deploying production-strength business components to end users.

The right point for a transition may be when an organization decides to migrate its legacy systems to a new technology. This will create the right focus required to make the transition successful. For example, the many organizations that have not yet embraced a distributed system approach will, over the next few years, have to expand their development to e-business projects. This is when many organizations will find it benefical to move to component-based develoment

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